Pleasanton German Auto Repair

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Even if Ken's shop wasn't literally across the street from my office & less than 2 miles away from my house I'd STILL make a 45 min., 1 hour or more drive to have him work on my cars. A good, trustworthy mechanic is a hard thing to find these days & once you do you hope they stay in business as long as your car is alive. Ken has always been fair, explained the needed repairs, completed his work in a timely manner & on occasion, not charged me for small otherwise inconsequential work he's done for me. The fact that his shop sometimes looks like a small auto museum with various Aston's, race ready MG's, A/C Cobra's, Jag's, a real AMG Hammer, 600HP Supra, turbo Porsche's, tweaked Audi's etc...just adds to his credibility as a competent wrench for the performance car enthusiast.


For the first 5 years I had my car I took it to the dealer for repairs & service. As it started to get "old" I started taking it to SAS. Honestly, I wish I had just taken it to SAS all along. My experiences as SAS have been way better than at the dealer (and not that my experiences at the dealer were all that bad). Ken, the owner, takes the time to explain exactly what is going on with your car and gives the service a personal touch that you just don't get at the dealer. His hourly rate isn't cheap, but definitely fair, and less than the dealership (at least the BMW dealership). I guess what I really like is that I always leave there understanding exactly what was done, and why and feeling I was dealt with honestly.


Ken, the owner is great. I am an automotive tech myself but I still take my BMW to Ken for the things I don't have the equipment for. He is Knowledgeable enthusiastic and honest.