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What if I am about to sell my car?

Our inspection report could help you decide whether to keep your car or trade it in on a new one. If you decide to sell your vehicle, both you and a prospective buyer will then know how good the car is. An SAS Vehicle Inspection report can make selling easier and a much more comfortable experience.

Should I only inspect vehicles when purchasing them?

NO! Is your vehicle about to surpass its warranty? Our comprehensive warranty inspections can high-light defects or faults, so you can bring them to the attention of the dealer before your warranty expires. Avoid paying for expensive auto repairs that could have been covered under your warranty.

Are you about to go on a long trip?

Have your vehicle inspected in order to make sure your family and your car are safe. In many cases an inspection before a trip can save you gas or even a flat tire on a freeway. We will let you know what you should have replaced on your vehicle before taking a long trip.